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Fresh glance at British cuisine

Butternut Love by Joanna Oleskow

Butternut Love (http://meandtheuk.develion.com)

British cuisine is often considered heavy and boring. Eggs&bacon, beans&sausages or fish&chips widely served  in pubs and restaurants and beloved by British people are one of the things that tourists and foreigners living in the UK mainly dislike about the  country. However it is only part of the cuisine on the Isles.

While passing through markets and green groceries  I noticed a lot of vegetables that I haven’t seen before, e.g. swede, butternut squash, sweet potatos, curly kale and celery.  The common availability of this kind of food made me curious about British recipes and servings and here are some results of my research.

The first protagonist is celery. Its crispy and juicy steams are great fresh in salads and side dishes, but they are also a very nice ingredient for soups and bakes.