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Robin Hood fighting with Little  John

Sherwood Forest and Robin Hood Festival 2014

While living in Nottingham, it is a must to visit the one of the biggest attraction of Nottinghamshire – the legendary Sherwood Forest.  Much smaller than it used to be, it is still a shelter to many plants, trees, birds and insects species. This deciduous forest is well known for having one of the oldest trees in Europe, including The Major Oak estimated to be ca. 800 – 1000 years. Its massive root and wide branches are believed to be a hideout of Robin Hood and Merry Man. Since 18th century the tree is supported by a system of scaffolding which prevents the limbs from braking. Slightly disappointing, however fully understandable is the fact, that the tree is on a fenced, not accessible area, so that the visitors can see it only from the distance.  Nevertheless its immensity makes still a great impression.

We decided to visit the Sherwood Forest during the last day of  Robin Hood Festival, which is held since 1984 and lasts one week. During this time visitors can go back to the Middle Ages and meet Robin Hood and other characters from the legend. It is a great opportunity to experience the folklore of medieval England and take part in many outdoor activities.  Unfortunately we came in the evening, but still we had a short archery class and could learn how to weave a garland. I wish we had have more time, but we can always pop in this year.